Renting a furnished flat or apartment with Shortstay is faster and more practical than with traditional renting services.
Check our reservation process:
01 On the property list, click on your desired option
02 On the property page, check all info available
03 Use the lateral box to make your online reservation
04 You will receive a contact to confirm your reservation
05 You will send an e-mail with documents needed, including the signed contract
06 Done! Your rental is confirmed. Welcome to Shortstay!
Just select the desired property, check the details and click the blue button “Reserve”. You will receive a personalized call to confirm your interest in the reservation and the information about required documents. You must send the digital copy of your documents according to your profile xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Remember, the main documents are your passport and income declaration. 
Everything can be done 100% online, saving you time and bringing more practicality to your routine.
Our contract setup process is online, and the contract can often be sent on the same day of your request!
We arrange your entrance in up to 72 hours after your registry approval.

Payment is monthly and in advance.